Engineering services

Our global vision and experience allow us to offer very specialized services to all kinds of clients; thanks to a deep understanding of Geospatial Information Systems, we are capable of covering clients’ needs, as well as developing custom-made solutions for each and every client.

Geolocation allows you to know, monitor and manage large territories, equipment, infrastructures or activities

Whether for analysis, strategic planning or project management, SITEP offers comprehensive “turnkey” services, which includes data management through all of its lifecycle, along its exploitation.

GIS Consultancy

Consultoria SIG

On one hand, we offer comprehensive GIS & ICT consulting services that enable clients to define key elements for their business strategy. Our tested methodology, based upon continuous improvement, offers a holistic approach to clients’ needs, satisfying them all. If needed, we also take care of training of the different profiles in the organization.

On the other hand, if a project is too complex or too massive for a client to manage, we take over its direction, managing it in its entirety.


· Technical and strategic advice

· Data and GIS integration

· Proven and structured methodology

· Project management

GIS Advisory & Consultancy

GIS & ICT Development

Our engineering services offer the possibility to implement and integrate GIS solutions in an efficient way. Our team of specialists has extensive experience developing, integrating and adapting complex and custom-made ICT solutions.


· Methodological implementation

· Services, data and components integration

· Development of GIS solutions

We develop innovative solutions that are tools of great value when it comes to decision making

GIS Development

Support, training and maintenance

Projects, for the most part, do not end with publication; in addition to a logical evolution to adapt to emerging technologies, corrective maintenance is fundamental. At SITEP, we offer after-sales services of technical assistance, consultation and evolutionary maintenance to meet our customers’ needs.

Technological dependence is one of the factors that most concern organizations when implementing a new computer management system. In SITEP we provide the necessary training services to obtain greater control and get the most out of the implemented solutions.


· GIS technical support and maintenance

· Client training

· GIS advice

Maintenance & Support