Customizable vertical solutions

Our experiences in developing custom-made projects and cutting-edge knowledge of GIS technologies have allowed us to develop a wide range of very specific solutions, capable of meeting the needs of many different sectors of activity. No matter the industry, its size or location, our solutions optimize the management of territory and its related activities in an easy, simple and effective way.

Our portfolio encompasses a wide variety of solutions: from customizable vertical solutions to transversal platforms sold in both “Cloud” (pay-per-use) and “client/server” (hosted on client servers) models.

Easy integration
Support and formation
Low cost
  • GIS Governance

    GIS Governance

    GIS Governance is a geographic information system that coordinates and integrates all geographic information from multiple Govern Departments...

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  • SitRSU Business

    SitRSU Business

    SitRSU provides control at different stages of cleaning processes management.
    The powerful analysis tools offered empower users to present...

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  • SitRSU Governance

    SitRSU Governance

    SitRSU provides control at different stages of the cleaning process management.
    The City Hall obtains the necessary information to evaluate the service’s...

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  • Mobile Mapping

    Mobile Mapping

    The Mobile Mapping service makes possible to document and evaluate the status and evolution of assets and events of a territory, installation or surface in a precise...

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  • AssetCITY


    AssetCITY is a technological platform that allows a real time visual integration of the main networks that constitute a city’s ecosystem.

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  • SitRouting


    SitRouting offers a complete and intuitive solution to calculate and consult optimal routes. The tool has a route calculation engine, back office tools...

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