GIS Engineering

Ingenieria SIG-TIC SITEP

We perform systems analysis and definition; establish the design plan, implementation and change management of new solutions; offer maintenance and training support, during and after the project.

  • Consultancy
  • Development
  • Support


Productos SIG SITEP

Our portfolio encompasses a wide variety of solutions: from customizable vertical solutions to transversal platforms.

Our experiences in developing custom-made projects and cutting-edge knowledge of GIS technologies have allowed us to develop a wide range of very specific solutions, capable of meeting the needs of many different sectors of activity.

Mobile Mapping

Mobile Mapping - Captación de datos

The Mobile Mapping service makes possible to document and evaluate the status and evolution of assets and events of a territory, installation or surface in a precise, fast and georeferenced way.

We use techniques and technologies in the forefront of the industry that allow us to capture data in adverse environments (that have never been able to be evaluated due to high costs and/or associated risks).

The versatility and adaptability of our team of engineers allow us to meet the needs of private and public entities alike, providing high added value solutions for all our customers


Smart City Management

Smart Cities are born of the need to develop profitable and sustainable cities; cities that can be intelligently managed without neglecting economic, social and cultural development.

AssetCITY is a technological platform that allows a real time visual integration of the main networks that constitute a city’s ecosystem. It facilitates decision-making and monitoring the evolution of assets and events on territories.

GIS Governance

GIS Governance

Geographic information management

GIS Corporate is a territorial information management system that provides tools to analyze and process territorial data. It coordinates the geographic information of multiple departments of any company or institution with great ease, avoiding data duplication and enhancing maintenance processes, quality control and information updating.