Sistema de Información Geográfico Integral
de Gestión de Limpieza y Recogida

SitRSU Governance is an Integral Geographic Information System of Cleaning and Waste Management for the Public Administration.

It allows you to control the services provided by the contracted company
and the use of the different resources, obtaining an unmatchable overview of
the activity.

The suite is formed by:

· Analysis tool
· Maintenance tool
· Planning tool
· Exploitation tool
· Quality control tool
· Publication tool

SitRSU provides control at different stages of the
management of cleaning processes.


The City Hall obtains the necessary information to evaluate the performance of the service, from the creation of the offer to the audit and monitoring of the outsourced services.
SitRSU Business - Gestión Residuos

Facilitates the study and design of the services that must be offered
Generates a reliable, real and optimal services’ offer.

SitRSU Business - Gestión Residuos

Controls the subcontracted services
View and control in real time the services being provided and the allocated resources to compare them with the contracted services.

SitRSU Governance - Gestión Residuos

Audits and provides reports
Generates performance indicators and information on services and inventories.