Sistema de Información Geográfico Integral
de Gestión de Limpieza y Recogida

SitRSU Business is an Integral Geographic Information System of Cleaning and Waste Management for subcontracted companies.

It provides analysis and measure tools to facilitate the decision-making process. In addition, it enables the subcontractor to control the allocated resources in a comprehensive, simple and effective way.

The suite is formed by:

• Analysis tool
• Maintenance tool
• Planning tool
• Exploitation tool
• Quality control tool
• Publication tool

SitRSU provides control at different stages of the management of cleaning processes.


The powerful analysis tools offered make possible to generate the most attractive offer and win the public tender, optimizing routes and resources for maximum profitability.
SitRSU Business - Gestión Residuos

Facilitates the study and design of the cleaning and waste management services
Generates a reliable, real and optimal services’ offer that is key to win the public tender.

SitRSU Business - Gestión Residuos

Plans and controls the services being offered
Assign resources and control the services being executed, managing incidents in real time.

SitRSU Business - Gestión Residuos

Provides reports and forecasts billing
Generates a forecast of the billing through performance indicators and information on services and inventories.

SitRSU Business - Gestión Residuos

Optimizes routes and maximizes the benefits
Optimizes the management and processes of the service, reducing expenses and improving the return on investment.