Herramienta de Planificación de Rutas

SitRouting is a solution for the consult of optimal routes in any environment, from private transport to multimodal public transport.

It is an engine capable of combining data from different means of transport, taking into account the location of the different stations and stops, schedules and service frequency.

Results include: 
• Description of the route

• Simultaneous consultation of stops made, timeouts, transshipments and distances on foot

• Results in 2D/3D

• Visualization compatible with different devices, platforms and web browsers

SitRouting offers a complete and intuitive solution for the calculus and consultation of optimal routes.
The tool has:


• A route calculation engine that take into account: location and distance between stops/stations, service frequency, waiting time, transshipments and schedules.
• BackOffice tools to edit data through the web, in an easy and dynamic way.
• Multiplatform publishing contents that can easily be integrated with the client’s web; it allows users to consult the best option to travel when using public transport. Includes adaptation services to the look & feel of the client’s website.

SitRouting Cálculo de rutas

Accessible and exploitable real-time information
Offers real-time information in any desired format prepared for its exploitation (Business Intelligence), allowing to make informed decisions.


Web and OAS integration
Can be integrated with other systems using the information of other already-existent transport systems, like an OAS (Operation Assistance System) or a public transportation website.


Customizable, adaptable and scalable
The user can define all the parameters: origin and destination, dates and schedules, types of transportation, Integrated Fare System, maximum waiting time, calculus criteria (minimum time, minimum cost or minimum number of transshipments)…