Gestión de Información Territorial

GIS Governance is a management system of the geographical information
that empowers the Public Administration with tools to analyze and treat data with a geographic component.

It enables you to manage a territory in real time, obtaining a global vision of
the situation.

It is completely adaptable and scalable, covering all the territory-related needs
of a government. It enables the sharing of geographical information between
different departments and makes possible to make informed decisions:
Business Intelligence.

GIS Governance coordinates and integrates all geographical information from the different Govern Departments, through these tools:


• Geographic database
• Geoservices bus (OGC / INSPIRE)
• Cartographic visor intranet/internet
• Intranet for the system’s administration
• Tools to edit and upload metadata
• Automatic integration of data

GIS Governance - SIG Corporativo

Integrates the geographical information of the areas and departments of a government.

GIS Governance - SIG Corporativo

Unifies the publication and communication – internal and external – of geographical information in an agile way and under the INSPIRE directive.

GIS Governance - SIG Corporativo

Perform a technological leap that allows you to easily integrate GIS  information within the applications of Government management.

GIS Governance - SIG Corporativo

Standardize GIS developments to maximize the return on investment (ROI).